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Happy Birthday, Girl!!

Happy Birthday, oni_neko!!

Today is my friend, oni_neko's birthday! While I'm not at liberty to say how old she is, I just want to wish her a very Happy Birthday, with good health and good prosperity for the year ahead.

I first met oni_neko at CanGames several years ago, and she struck me as an interesting person. The fact that she had a terrific imagination and creativity in her gaming (and as I have learned since) in other aspects of her life) gave me a real nudge at CanGames that first year (and the other couple of years that I've played with her there). I was glad this year that she decided to join the gaming group that I play with on Sundays, and she has made it better for all concerned. She's been a good friend to me this year, and has put up with some real gaming crap and all.

Thanks for being my friend, oni_neko! And again, Happy Birthday to you!!

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