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Gaming and a Movie VIII

Last night, the Friday night gaming group met, as per usual, and wrapped up play on the current scenario I was running for SkyRealms of Jorune. While I won't spoil the plot about what happened (and I'm not in a position to write too much on this today, as my wrist is very bad at the moment), I can say that the characters discovered what happened to the challisk that had disappeared, and discovered that whatever they thought they knew about Jorune might not be true. The adventure introduced them to a potential long-term adversary, made them some new friends outside of Burdoth, and also gave them their first experience with a new type of beastie that I designed specifically for this scenario lo those many moons ago (I first created and ran this adventure some time back in late 1987, according to the copyright notice that I put on the scenario).

When we were done, the Friday nighters commented to me about the scenario, and mentioned that they had enjoyed the game quite a bit, and that it was somewhat different than the Jorune scenarios I had run in the past. Kathy and SteveB, who've gamed with me the longest, couldn't quite put their fingers on what it was about it, but all agreed they liked the game a lot. Joanne, being the only player in the group who had not played Jorune before, said that she really liked the alien-ness of SkyRealms of Jorune, and that she loved the whole feel of the game, especially the fact that it's about people, cultures, and the various races and how they inter-relate and interact. Kathy and SteveB noted that she'd hit the proverbial nail on the head with her comments, since that was what appealed to the gaming group about Jorune way back when I first ran it in 1985. So a good gaming night was had by all. :)

(I commented to SteveB that he hadn't yet provided any details on his new Jorune character in my blog comments, and he's promised to do that soon.)

After the gaming session was over, the players watched another film noir. I gave them a choice of three films, and they decided to watch Angel Face (1952), having been somewhat influenced by my review that is posted elsewhere. Since I reviewed the film in this journal entry, I don't have to comment on it all that much here. Kathy and SteveB said this was their favourite noir they had seen since Out of the Past, and the entire group was stunned and shocked at the explosive finale to the movie; I have to admit that even though I had seen it less than a week ago, I was still blown away by the final scene of the movie. Incredible! The gamers commented that they had no idea what movie I could show them next week that would top that! Are they in for a surprise!! <evil g>
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