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Sunday Playtesting

Sunday was a relatively good day.

The gaming group came over in the early afternoon, and everyone was present - spross, Tammy, the cold-ravaged oni_neko, and hub_. The gaming group was content to playtest the demo of SkyRealms of Jorune that I will be running at CanGames, "Shantier's Folly". The scenario is a pretty interesting adventure that shows off some of the interesting elements of Jorune, and gives some backstory (in a backhanded sort of way) on the world and Human affairs. The reason I am finishing the playtesting of the Jorune scenario is because the folks at CanGames told me they aren't willing to switch the game for the HEX demo that I wanted to run in its place. So, if you're planning to attend CanGames this year, sorry folks, but you'll be disappointed on that score.

That said, the SkyRealms of Jorune scenario is pretty cool, too. The players all had a pretty good time with the scenario, and are pretty ramped about the game system now. "Shantier's Folly" needs a few tweaks, and a bit of a clean-up on a few things, but otherwise is ready to go. Needless to say, a Jorune campaign would not have that kind of feel to it, certainly not at the beginning, and I suspect that if the players expect this from the Jorune campaign they're just started, they'll be sorely disappointed.
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