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I'm the Victim...

...of an April Fool's joke here at work. hehe

Came into work with Donna and some of my co-workers doing the carpool thing, and started in on work. The boss had one of the guys give me a translation job to do, "something urgent that came up quite suddenly". I should have been suspicious, but I was not, although some of the smirks that I saw on a few faces should have warned me what was up.

The "document" for translation turned out to be a piece of German literary porn (some would call it soft porn). <g>

I got about, oh, twenty minutes into the translation before it suddenly hit me what I was translating!! When I went out into the main section of the office, I found them all waiting for me expectantly, the expression on my boss's face the best of the lot. They all shouted "April Fools!" and we got on with work, after having a good laugh over coffee.

Rest of the day should be interesting, methinks. :)

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