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Playtest and a Movie

Last night, the Friday night gaming group met once more to play games and the like. Since the Sunday gaming group playtested the SkyRealms of Jorune scenario that I intend to run for CanGames last week (you can read the journal entry here on that) and won't playtest it again, I thought it was a good idea for the Friday nighters to play it through.

The playtest went swimmingly well, and the group hammered out a couple of the problems that I felt exist with the scenario, called "Shantier's Folly", and helped me work out a couple of solutions to the matters. Kathy commented after we were done that the scenario really highlighted the fact that Jorune is a science fiction rpg, even if it does have a seemingly low level of technology, rather than a fantasy rpg, and Joanne was kind of stunned at the final sequence of the scenario and said that she really had to re-evaluate her mindset on the game world. (Come to think of it, Tammy told me the same thing when we talked about the playtest earlier this week.) The group felt it was a really good scenario, showed some of the strength of the SoJ game system (even if the mechanics for the game are a bit clunky at times), and the player characters for use in the scenario were quite evocative of the setting.

After the gaming session was over, the group moved into the Friday Film Noir Midnight Madness (FFNMM) mode. This week the group watched the 1948 classic Key Largo, featuring Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, Lionel Barrymore, and Claire Trevor. I will not post my own thoughts here, as I'll be writing up a review of the film at some point, but suffice it to say the folks loved the movie for the most part, but felt that it wasn't as "noir" as some of the films they've seen the last few weeks. I guess it just pales in comparison to some extent to Angel Face (1952) from their point of view, as both SteveB and Nick did make a few comaprisons between the two films.

Overall, a good night of gaming and movie fare.
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