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Tintin Birthday and Movie

Something that I've been meaning to address for a bit now, is the fact that this year, Tintin, the intrepid cub reporter and nemesis of evil-doers everywhere, turns 80 years old this year!!

Who is Tintin, you ask? For shame. :( Start by checking out these links...

The Official Tintin Site (French)
The Adventures of Tintin (Wikipedia)
Tintin Books: A Discussion of Tintin
and (A great fan site)

The really errific news about Tintin is that Steven Spielberg is preparing to introduce Tintin to America in a 3-D live action film, Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, set to come out in 2011. The movie, being directed by Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings and King Kong fame), has wrapped the first bit of filming. Jamie Bell plays the young Belgian hero, while Daniel Craig will play the villainous Red Rackham. You can read more about Le movie here.

Really looking forward to this movie! I have loved the Tintin stories for a long time, ever since I was a kid in fact, and to see the character brought to life with such a love of the source material is a good sign.

Bonne Anniversaire, Tintin! :)

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