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Despite it being Good Friday yesterday, my Friday night gaming group came out to play.

They were quite excited and interested in doing the final playtest of "Shadow of the Wolf", the Desolation RPG scenario that I will be running at CanGames in about five weeks or so. Part of this stems from the fact that they like the Desolation rpg, but haven't done enough playing of it this past year or so, and besides, I need to put the finishing touches on the scenario. While I was happy with the previous playtests of the scenario (you can read about the most recent playtest here), there were just a couple of glitches that I needed to sort out in the scenario.

The playtest went pretty well, the players taking the role of all seven of the potential pre-gen characters for the scenario (I really need to sit down and create a new group of pre-gens for Desolation demo/convention games, or perhaps the folks at Greymalkin will do so - are you reading this post, nearside? <g>); while the demo is set for six player characters, there is always the extra pre-gen for any overflow of players that might occur, so I figured if they were willing to play all seven, that would help. The scenario hangs together quite nicely (what, you expected me to tell you details of the plot here?? <evil g>), and the final battle works pretty well and has a good feel to it. So, I just need to do some final adjustments to the written version of the scenario, add in some stats for stuff that I had forgotten, and it's a wrap!

Since it was Good Friday, the guys and girls decided after the Desolation playtest to call it a night, and skip the film noir for the week. So, for the first time in ages, I got to bed before 12:30 am for the first time on a Friday night in ages. Needless to say, I couldn't fall asleep since I was still a bit hyped for the game. *sigh* Ah, well... :)
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