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Relaxing Sunday (Ticket to Ride)

Spent Easter Sunday having a pretty quiet day. With gaming off for the day, due to family commitments and the like on the part of my players, it was a day for relaxing and chilling out.

Started the morning off right by treating myself for breakfast with a couple of croissants that I had picked up for the purpose, with some café au lait. Lunch was an all-beef hamburger in a whole wheat bun and a bowl of hearty vegetable soup. Planned out the evening meal, and then did a few chores around the house.

spross came over for the afternoon, and we did a couple of things.

First off, we talked about the Continuum rpg, the time travel rpg published by Aetherco, which is still one of my favourite rpgs to both play and run (but I've only played it twice). We talked about the campaign that I want to get back to (the Friday group is actually quite eager to get back to that system, so that may happen with them sooner rather than later), and he played out an informal couple of sequences of stuff, as I wanted to see how much he remembered about some of the elements of the game (like Frag, Gemini Incidents, and a few other things).

After that, while listening to some Cherry Poppin' Daddies, spross and I decided to play a few games of Ticket to Ride. The only TtR game that I don't have at this point is the Nordic Countries one (as well as the dice game, but that one's not high on my priorities list). With luck, I'll pick a copy of this one up when I go to CanGames in a few weeks. I haven't played any games of TtR in ages, and we decided to play Ticket to Ride: Switzerland first. Because of the way locomotive cards are used in the Swiss version of the game, TtR: Switzerland is a definite challenge, especially given the vast number of tunnel routes.

The first game of TtR: Switzerland was a mess for me, personally. spross blocked me five times during the course of the game, and I lost my temper once, and didn't play the rest of that game for the right reasons. In the end spross beat me by a score of 97 to 47. Just couldn't complete a lot of tickets, to be honest. We both decided that we needed to play another game of TtR: Switzerland, and this time around I decided that I needed to play the game a bit more calmly and all. spross managed to block me again a couple of times, but I was able to pull out a win this time around, 96-68. It was a good game, and to be honest, a solid contest all the way through.

We then switched to Ticket to Ride: Europe for the third game of the day. The European map presents a series of challenges all of its own, and to be honest, it's one of my favourites in the TtR line of games. The first game that we played was one of mistakes on both sides, especially in the choice of routes, and I barely edged Steve out by a score of 110-92. A well-played, well-fought game that one. The second game of TtR: Europe was a very tough, very interesting game. I ended up with the long ticket from Brest to Petrograd, and while it was easy to get that route established, spross cut me off a couple of times around Kyiv. In the end, I drew five times from the Destination tickets, trying to add to the point totals that I had. The final score in that game was 134-123 for Steve, because he got the bonus +10 for the longest route. That one was an excellent two-player game, and to be honest, I thought I was going to lose that one by a bigger margin.

In any event, a good afternoon of some board gaming. I would love to get the rest of the Sunday players into some Ticket to Ride, as the game is very suitable for a group of five, and I haven't played a lot of five-player games, to be honest. After spross left, I did a bit of laundry, made some supper, and spent the evening reading a bit and then watching a bit of television.

Like I said, a nice, relaxing day.

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