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Clocks are My Enemy

The day started out very weird...

I got to bed very late last night, and I woke up around 5:00 am (which is the usual time, only half an hour earlier than normal). However, I thought that the clock said 7:00 am for some reason, and so I leaped out of bed, rushed through the shower routine, and instead of making breakfast, picked up a quick breakfast on the road. I figure I've missed picking up folks for the carpool, so decide that I better head straight to the office and apologize to folks. Rush to the office, and suddenly realize that all the clocks now say it's a quarter past 6 in the *bleep! bleep! a.m., and nobody's at work!

So, I go down to the garage and head out to pick up my fellow co-workers. They're all waiting for me at the usual pick-up spot, and nobody seems perturbed or anything. On the way to work, I told them what happened, and they've been chortling ever since we got in. Donna worst of all!

I still have no idea why I thought the clock said 7:00 am at home, but I'm just so glad that tomorrow is Saturday, and I get to sleep in!

Oh, btw, yes, I'm tired... zzzzzz

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