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Bank Street Construction

Reading the Ottawa Citizen this morning, and I noticed that parts of Bank Street will be closing again for repairs, this time in the Somerset area. You can read the story here,

2nd Summer of Construction on Bank Street
Part of Bank Street to Close for 6 Months.

Every year retailers of small businesses tend to suffer when construction occurs on Bank Street, some of them going out of business and some of them beginning a revenue decline that will put them out of business within a year or so. The area known as the Glebe is renowned for this sort of thing, although I suspect that given this year will be in the central part of downtown, foot traffic and some of the side streets around the area where folks will be able to park will pick up the slack for some of these businesses.

Still, it is annoying and of course hazardous to pedestrian traffic as well, and will make the main commercial downtown area something of an eyesore.

*sigh* Like I always say, there are two seasons in Ottawa: Winter and Construction.

Here's offering my best wishes and thoughts to the retailers in the Bank Street construction zone. Good luck,folks! :)

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