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Gaming, but No Movie

As noted in the previous post, the Friday night gaming group was going to continue (no pun intended) in their Continuum campaign. So I figured I had better jot down these notes while they were still clear in my memory. :)

For a recap on the events of the previous session, please read this journal entry. So, to go into the session...

Back at the Corner residence, the player characters were happy to find that their Mentor, Steve Lessing, was back. They bombarded him with some questions about the situation they found themselves in, but Lessing just told them that further info was not available, but that he had every confidence they could handle the situation. When they asked him about a few other things, he was somewhat cagey and gave them the "Further information..." spiel again. Drove them nuts! :)

The characters who were required to do so went about their day jobs (namely all of them). Delia, who was away on her mysterious jaunt, showed up at the Corner residence to grab her work clothes, and was then gone again. Edward Mantolo, the police officer, went out on a call of "shots fired" and encountered a problem: the shooting victim was Violet Jones, and she was definitely dead...but it was an *older* version of the character! While canvassing the area, Mantolo came upon the just recovering form of David Taylor in a nearby alleyway! While Edward helped David get out of there, the players were left abuzz at the development, as they figured something time-wise was going on.1 After finishing their day's work, the characters (minus Delia) returned to the Corner - to find that a new member had been added to the family - a young child by the name of Violet Jones... Lessing told them that their job is to protect the girl, as she is important in the Yet, but would say no more. Mantolo told the others about the shooting, and they decided that they were going to span Down to the shooting and see what had occurred in truth. Mantolo was reluctant to accompany them Down for reasons he wouldn't tell them, but they convinced him to do so. The group decided to wait for Delia to return from wherever she was. Besides, they had a rendezvous with her at 9:30 pm. They spent the intervening time taking care of mundane chores, and getting to know the young, somewhat shy, Violet Jones.

The rest of the game session was spent Spanning Down to before the murder of Violet Jones occurred (as noted by Edward Mantolo in his police day journal). (Oh, and Delia returned, but wouldn't reveal what she had been doing, but she seemed a bit older to the rest of the player characters.) The player characters learned who shot Violet Jones (a shadowy figure that most of them were able to follow to a small bar nearby, and was revealed to be Anton Frower, a time traveller that they have met before), leaving David Taylor lying unconscious in the alley where the shadowy figure had waylaid him while the characters were looking around after the shooting, all while trying to avoid the cops. Frower spanned away before the characters could do anything about it. When the characters returned to the Level of the Corner, they learned that Edward had done the right thing by not telling them what had happened at the crime scene, and discussed with Lessing the fact that he had gone Down with them.

Overall, it was a very satisfying session of Continuum, but left the characters with a few more questions, and a whole bunch of things to think over. KathyB refused to tell the others what had happened during her "jaunt" away (I had played that out with her earlier in the week, and am not going to reveal anything here2. Nick was absolutely thrilled and pleased about the events surrounding Mantolo, and SteveB was quite pleased about how things with David were handled as well. The players were a little some of the stuff being played out of sequence, but when it all went down, they understood things clearly. Joanne, who is really still very new to the game, took the situation pretty much in stride and was exuberant about the game afterwards, saying she loved the whole sequence of events involving Mantolo and David and the way the events progressed. So, they're looking forward to next week's session. :)

By the time we finished playing, it was around 12:10 am, and the Friday gamers could see that I was yawning and was rambling a little bit. They took pity on me and decided that we would not watch a film noir this night, as apparently I had provided them with enough entertainment in the game and all. Finishing early was all right by me. :)

1 The sequences here were played somewhat out of order, with Nick's Edward Mantolo being told "Further information..." by SteveB's David Taylor when the beat cop found him in the alley. The rest of the full sequence was played when the Elder characters spanned back to find out who shot Violet after Delia returned.

2 You want more info, e-mail me privately. :)
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