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Pitter, Patter

I really love the sound of rain going "pitter patter" on the windows of my house, preferably when I'm in it, but not so much when I have to sleep or when I'm sick.

And right now, I'm sick, feeling achy, nauseous, and with a terrible headache as well. Had to go to the hospital today for my 3-month blood tests and the like for diabetes, but this morning they took about 10 vials of blood, made me drink a glucose solution, wait a couple of hours (keeping an eye on me, of course), and then take the rest of the 6 vials of blood.

I'm in bed, resting, and the rain on the window is going "pitter, patter". I wish it wouldn't right now. Right now, I just feel sick. Will get up when I feel a bit better, since I had some hot tea and cold water to drink when I came in in reverse order, of course), and make lunch.

Got a batch of my mom's "Jewish penicillin" in the fridge (and the rest frozen in the freezer). Thank Goddess.

*pitter, patter, pitter, patter*
Tags: blood tests, diabetes, glucose, nausea, personal, sick

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