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Saturday Grocery Shopping

I just got back from grocery shopping. Saturday. Grocery. Shopping.

Gotta tell you, this is not my favourite activity, to be honest. This may be because I'm a man, although in our current society I'm not sure that a lot of women like it, either. Okay... I don't like grocery shopping at the best of times (but who does?), and being a single person living on my own at the moment, I can't go out and buy groceries for the week at any given time, so I'm forced to buy foodstuffs a couple of times per week. I hadn't planned to go out and do the grocery shopping on a Saturday, but the week was hectic, and I had last shopped on Tuesday, and I realised I needed certain stuff for the next few days.

What bugs me the most about grocery shopping on Saturday is the crowds. The people are in the store, some shopping alone, some shopping in pairs, and some shopping with their little children. Little children who seemingly get to run around a little bit more in a grocery store than they do at home or in a playground. Or maybe it's the air conditioning... I really don't know. Depending on the popularity of the food store (Basics, Loeb, Loblaw, the IGA, whatever), it can be like bumper cars in the aisles with the grocery carts. You have to keep saying "Excuse me" to people when you want to get to a section of produce or whatever (assuming there's anything decent still on the shelves by the time you get there), and if you need some help finding something on the shelves, there's not a service representative or stock person to be found. If there's anyone that I pity when doing Saturday grocery shopping, it's the senior citizens who have to deal with this stuff. Talk about stress...

So why do I do grocery shopping on Saturday? Beats me, and I try to avoid it. This week, I couldn't. Monday and Thursday, that's the ticket. For me, anyway. From now on. I promise.
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