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Castle Season Finale, No Spoilers

Just finished watching the season finale of Castle on the tube.

What a great episode of the series, and what a fabulous finish to the season, with a good cliffhanger ending. The characters of Kate Beckett and Rick Castle have gelled really well during the ten (is it really only 10 episodes?) run, and the supporting cast is fleshing out quite nicely, too.

According to a series of questions Nathan Fillion was asked, and several other sources on the internet, the chances of Castle's return for a second season is pretty good. I'm actually kind of pleased about this, as so far the writing has been top notch, the acting has been pretty competent, and the murder cases themselves have been interesting (with only a couple of really predictable ones). The real question is how they justify Castle's hanging around with Beckett and the other cops for the second season; after all, he's got to start writing the new series of books sooner rather than later, right? :)

All in all, a good episode of Castle and an interesting way to wrap up the first season of the series, even if it was only ten episodes.

I'm off to bed. 'Night all.

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