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Primeval Thoughts

Came home from work finally, and have been catching up on the news. While reading the paper, I came across this bit in the night's tv shows section.

Primeval So Bad It's Irresistable.

I am quite annoyed about Alex Strachan's comments on the show. Primeval has an appeal for more than just the "terminal adolescents" (as he phrased it), since the show has an intellectual factor to it, and has presented an interesting series of storylines that combine both action and more intellectual elements to it. Aside from the fact that the creatures and dinosaurs for the series are state-of-the-art, created by the same folks who did Walking With Dinosaurs, Primeval's main appeal (at least for me) is that it has an interesting mystery at the heart of the story. What are these Anomalies, who is causing them, and why? Tonight marks the first episode of Series Three, and introduces a mythology and legends element to the story mix, that makes the concept doubly appealing to me. The comparisons to Torchwood are ludicrous (other than the business with the development of the Anomaly Research Centre, ARC) at the beginning of the Second Series), and in a lot of ways is so different than the time travelling adventures of Doctor Who that...well, I'm just really peeved at the article-cum-review.

In the meantime, Primeval kicks off the third season tonight on the Canadian Space network (it's already airing on the Beeb back in England, the seventh episode of Series Three having aired Saturday night), and I'm looking forward to it again.

Primeval tacky? I think not.
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