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Return of Winter

It was bound to happen - winter has returned.

Yes, I know I live in Ottawa, Ontario, a part of the country known for its somewhat cold, filled with snow, winters.

But we're into December now, and there hasn't been any snow up until today. My friends in the western part of Canada and the U.S. - heck even Vancouver! - have seen more snow and really cold temperatures than we have here in Ontario. Which means it was bound to happen.

It's not really today's snowfall that bothered me, oh no. Sure, it's a hassle to walk in, it's terrible to drive in if you don't know how to drive in it and all. No, it's the fact that it *was* snowing this morning, but it's now coming down as rain, and then turned to freezing rain. It's -10 C (about 30.20 F for the Americans out there), one of those temperatures that really uncomfortable, especially when it's wet like it is right now.

Chipping the ice off my car, the ice combined with snow, drivers who were slipping and sliding around the roads and who really shouldn't be driving in this weather 'cause they don't know how to. *sigh*

On the other hand, I'm home right now with Stef, and we're drinking hot chocolate. Life's pretty good. :)
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