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Foot-Stupid and Sore

Well, I have really done it to myself this time. :(

Saturday morning, Stef and I went curling. This is nothing new, as I have taken up curling again for a few years now in an effort to get healthy and all that stuff. Stef and I have gone curling every Saturday morning now since she got back from Calgary, and this is fine with me, even though we get up early after having played with the Friday night gaming group until close to 1:00 am some nights.

Naturally, it was snowing and sleeting/raining the day before, so I decided to wear boots to the curling rink. I could have worn a pair of shoes, but wasn't sure what the grounds around the curling rink building were going to be like. So I wore boots.

Sunday morning, I went out for a 25-minute walk to the local Quickie store near my home on Blohm and Lorrie Greenberg to get a Sunday newspaper. It had to do with the fact that the Canadian edition of TV Guide has been cancelled, and I wanted the Sunday Ottawa Citizen newspaper, which has the TV section for the coming week. As it had snowed and rained some more on Saturday night, I decided to wear my boots to go and get the paper.

I'm an idiot.

As I have noted in previous journal entries, I am a type 2 diabetic. Footcare is one of the few things I pride myself on, and since it is so important for diabetics to deal with (because of the loss of sensation that one gets in the feet and the circulation problems associated with diabetes), I tend to be very careful about this. Well, guess what? The boots I'm wearing didn't have a proper lining/padding/whatever, and when I got back home from getting the paper, my feet felt terrible. Stef took off after I got home, and the Sunday gaming group showed up to play (minus Andrew, who I guess has stopped gaming for whatever reasons, but that doesn't bother me at this time of year, Xmas and all, but that's another story which I don't intend to write about here in the journal), and I knew that I was in trouble.

The pain was very bad on Monday when I got up for work, and when I looked at my feet, I realised that I had a blister on the underneath of one foot, and a terrible new callous on the sole of the other foot. I made it through work yesterday, but called the doctor's office to see if they could fit me in that afternoon. The receptionist said she could, so at 3:45 yesterday afternoon I found myself at the doctor's office.

To put a cap on this tale, I have a diabetic ulcer on my foot. Caused by my own stupidity. I knew I should have worn shoes, not the boots, but I did it anyway, so I have no one else to blame but myself. I'm treating it as the doctor told me to do, but it's very painful.

So, here I am at work, taking Tylenol for the pain and having problems walking. When I get a chance, I have to go and pick up some new padding for the inside of my boots. That should be fun, since walking is a pain in the...well, you get the picture. :(

Oh, well, gotta finish this cup of tea, and back to work. Work through the pain, that's me. Story of my life. :)
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