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Morning at the Office

In at the office bright and early today.

Had a good evening last night, and managed to take a 20-minute walk in the early evening. The area around my house and the park across the way from me (really must get spross to take some photos of the surroundings on the digital camera) were alive with folks walking, jogging, bicycling (I keep meaning to take my bicycle for servicing, but never seem to find the time or money), and the like, and the weather was perfect for that stroll. Came back home, and taped the Series Three, Episode Two of Primeval. This one was the "haunted house" episode for the season, and gave me some ideas for a scenario of a|state as well as Desolation. I've been watching the Primeval episodes on-line (the season is up to Episode Eight now, with two more to go), but it's good to watch them on tv rather than computer, and have them on tape in case we don't get a Region 1 set of DVDs of this stuff.

Got a decent night's sleep, and woke up around the usual 5:15 am. The weather was quite nice when I came in around 6:50 am, with lots of sun, a bit of a breeze, and a temperature around 200C. It's going to be a warm day again, with a bit of humidity, so I'm glad once more to be indoors in a climate controlled environment.

Donna is beckoning me over for my cup of herbal tea, so I suppose I should grab that and then get back to the job at hand.
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