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CanGames Day 3 Report

Got home from work, exhausted and tired from the heat on the drive home. 290C in the shade, sheesh! Had a bit of a rest, and had a visit from spross, so am finally going to try and write up the last report on this past CanGames. You can read the report on CanGames 2009, Day 2 at the link. This report is probably going to be long, but perhaps not as long as the previous one. We'll see. :)

I woke up Sunday at 7:00 am on my own with no prompting from the alarm clock, and turned it off. Panicked a little bit, as I couldn't remember where I was for some reason. spross was supposed to be at my place for 9:30 am, since I have to run the second Desolation game at noon, and wanted to do some stuff in the Dealers Room first. My bowels were already bothering me by 9:00 am, and I had already had severe diarrhea that morning. Not a good omen.

spross arrived on time, and we drove to the convention, stopping to grab a sub on the way at Subway. We arrived at the convention around 10:30 am or so, and the place was already hoppin' (even for the last day of the convention)!! The weather outside was quite chilly, around 80C or so, and somewhat windy (making it even colder). I'm glad that I wore the sweater over my t-shirt with my jacket today. After dropping everything off down in the locker, except for my BDB bag and the water bottle, I went and spoke with Vince Clancy and Jennifer Rothwell (at Registration and Tournaments, respectively) for a short spell. spross and I then went into the Dealers Room for a small stint.

There really wasn't a lot of selection at the CanGames Dealers Room this year, or perhaps I just wasn't looking for a lot of stuff this year... I did see the "new" China/Korea Expansion for Power Grid at the Comic Book Shoppe booth. I decided that I would go and pick up a copy of that after the Desolation game this afternoon.

While looking around, I saw a copy of The Princes of Machu Picchu from Rio Grande Games, a board game that I have wanted for some time, but I didn't have any money on me. spross decided to buy the game for me (with me paying him back for it), as he was intrigued by the game, and he also picked up Race For the Galaxy as well. I thought he was buying that for himself, but he said he was buying that for me as well. *sigh* (I managed to convince him later that I didn't want it, and so he's got it for himself now.)

On the way back to the main gaming area, I saw jonaskaufman at one of the miniature tables in the curling sheets area, and went over to say "hello". He was supposed to be running demos of a game tehre, but no one was there. We talked for a bit, and he said that he wished he could play in the Desolation game at noon, but such was not to be. I headed back out to the main Registration area to go and get the gaming stuff I needed for Desolation at noon. spross went to drop off the games in his locker, and grab out our lunch sub sandwiches and all.

The guy running at my table finally gave it up to me around 11:45 am, 15 minutes before I was supposed to run the game, and I finally had time to set up for the game and eat my hurried lunch. :< It turned out I had one pre-registered player for the game, but three other folks had pre-registered for the game on Saturday, so I just needed to fill three slots at most. I didn't have to do a lot of recruiting, as I managed to convince one of the fellows from the previous night's SkyRealms of Jorune game to play, and spross decided that he would also play in the game (he wanted to see how it worked out after the Saturday game's fiasco). Another guy that I knew from last year's HEX game, Ray, (I don't know if he has a blog or not), was able to get his daughter to play in the game, so we had a full seven players for the game again. Yay!! :)daughter, in her 20's, to join him for the game. thebitterguy came by to say goodbye before he headed back to T.0., and snapped a photo of spross and I:

That's spross making the "V" sign, and Ray sitting to my right. (Btw, nearside, if you're reading this entry, we really do need a GM Screen for Desolation! <hint, hint!> Can't keep using the HEX screen to run Desolation; folks are starting to expect dinosaurs in the games I'm running! <g>)

I won't go over the plot of the scenario or the player characters themselves here, as you can check out the previous entry on Saturday's running of the game for that. It turned out the first pre-registered player for the game was the sister of the 14-year-old player, "Penny", from the day before, whom we'll call "Carol"), and the players all seemed to have a really good time. Completely different experience from Saturday's version of the game. Carol played Esther, and she and the guy playing Menelaris were both quite hesitant about using magic. because of their fear of the Burn (after they both did a couple of Magic Skill rolls to practice, and then had a minor pair of injuries during the fight with the squirrel-like creatures. However, once she had enchanted the sword, Esther's player did a great job with the magic aspects of the game. She played the character as a somewhat haughty Noblewoman rather well, frequently commenting on the fact that she wouldn't stoop to acts of "barbarity", and berating some of her fellow characters' acts of barbarism.

The fellow playing Lem Ollender was also highly amusing, constantly trying to get the others to sit and discuss strategy and tactics to no avail, and was frustrated when various characters went off on their own - notably the forester, Krek, the elf, Menelaris, and the farmer with Faith, Tarl. Great stuff. spross did a nice job playing the female Sasha Beng as a dancer/acrobat, with only two things on her mind <evil g>, and he was the one who convinced the villagers of Green Moon to allow Krek, the Mongrel, and Menelaris, the dirty Elf, into the village. Rev played Tarl, the farmer with Faith, and he did a great job keeping the peace, getting the other characters to help send the caravan guards to their decent afterlife, and in the way he showed himself to be a worshipper of the Two Above. (He actually asked me stuff about the Two Above before we started to play, to get a better feel for the character.)

The game went swimmingly well. The players had no problem figuring out the riddle and asking the villagers the right questions, and then went about the job at hand. In the final conflict of the scenario, they acquitted themselves well, and defeated the were creature, all of them surviving, even if I was worried at one point about the seemingly few Style Points they had left. The characters all survived the final struggle at the monastery, and did a great job of interplay during the fight, helping each other out. When the game was over, Ray and a couple of others mentioned to me that they were surprised by how smooth the Desolation rpg game mechanics were (love those Ubiquity mechanics!), and that they loved the game world and how different it was from other fantasy rpgs they had played. Two of them said they would definitely play Desolation again next year if I were to run it. I felt a warm glow of satisfaction, let me tell you!

After the game finished, about 15 minutes after the 4:00 pm deadline (they were having fun, and nobody else was scheduled to run at the table until 7:00 pm), I packed up my stuff and put it all down in the locker. I then went back into the Dealers Room, and bought the copy of the China/Korea Power Grid expansion. spross and I then said our goodbyes to all sorts of people, as I was drained and wanted to go home and relax for a bit. I had planned to watch a bit of tv before bed, but that plan changed as you'll see.

By the time spross and I got to my place, it was around 6:15 pm. I had thought that we would go and eat a nice safe supper at Swiss Chalet, my treat, but we changed our minds when we headed out at around 6:55 pm, and went to Kelsey's instead. We got to the restaurant, and had about a 10-minute wait for a table; it was a Sunday night on the Victoria Day weekend, after all. I had a delicious meal of onion soup, a side salad, and fajitas!! Lovely food!! :)

I had figured that I would drive spross back to my place, and he would head out, but I asked him if he wanted to go and see a movie. He agreed, and we went to South Keys and saw the new Star Trek film. If anyone wants me to give a microreview of the film, just ask! :) The movie started at 9:50 pm so we hung out at the movie theatre until then. The film let us out at around 12:01 am, and I drove back to the house with spross. After he left, I had a cup of herbal tea, and crashed for the night, getting up around 8:00 am on Monday morning (hey, that's late for me! :)),and did a nice breakfast of croissant and café au lait. And that was the CanGames weekend.

So there you have it - my three-post report on CanGames, 2009, and my own rpgs run at the convention. It was a pretty good convention (I may write an impressions of the con post as well, but we'll see), tiring as per usual, frustrating at times, but I think I had a pretty good time of it all told.

Hope folks enjoyed these reports of the convention. :) Comments, thoughts, and questions would be welcome. :)

Anyway, off to do some supper now.


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May. 22nd, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
All in all it sounds like a pretty positive Con experience (the odd road bump is to be expected, of course). I certainly don't know if I'd have the enrgy to sit in a theatre at the end of a Con these days, I find myself pretty wiped (mind you I normally have the "specter" of air travel or a six hour car ride inserted on Sunday afternoon, and that may have something to do with that).

Of course I'd like to hear your opinions on the new Trek.

May. 22nd, 2009 02:34 pm (UTC)
I think that one of the advantages of smaller gaming conventions like CanGames is the fact that the pace isn't as hectic or stressful (unless you're a crazy GM running six times or whatever over three days!), and it gets pretty leisurely at times. Overall, the convention was certainly a positive one for me (moreso than GenCon 2008 was in some respects), other than a few bumps in the road, as you say.

I'm considering running only three times next year (instead of my usual four times), but that may change depending on how I feel, and what I decide to run. The candidates right now are for Desolation, Hollow Earth Expedition, and a|state, but I will probably poll folks soon to see what they think, and there are a few board games that I'm thinking of possibly setting up there, too, so one never knows.

Insofar as the new Star Trek movie is concerned, I went in with pretty low expectations, but found that I actually liked the movie for what it was, even if I did have some problems with various plot loopholes and the like that I've seen discussed elsewhere. I thought the casting of the movie was pretty good, with Zachary Quinto's Spock surprising me with the accurate feel of the character, and the guy playing McCoy was *perfect*. Karl Urban, that's his name, whom I knew from his various roles in Xena: Warrior Princess. It's not a movie that I'll go see again in the theatres, but I like how they re-booted the Trek continuity, and left this open for more movies and heck, even a tv series! :)
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