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The Chill RPG Fundraiser

There is something pertaining to roleplaying games that I've been meaning to discuss for a bit now, but the last week's worth of hectic pacing and life and the like made me put that off.

One of my favourite horror roleplaying games of the 1980's was a game called Chill. First published by Pacesetter and then later by Mayfair Games, Chill was one of those rpgs that players either loved or hated. Whatever one's preference, it was definitely a horror rpg that differed from the standard (at the time Call of Cthulhu) in that it was oriented more around the horror associated with 20th Century horror films (although one could easily take a more standard approach to horror if one wanted), and didn't have a lot of pretentions about what it was as a game. There are more savvy folks than I out there who could talk more about the game in a definitive manner.

That's not what I'm here to talk about. A company called OtherWorld Creations acquired the rights to Chill from Mayfair Games several years ago, but have not been able to publish the game due to lack of funds. That said, Chill: Into the Unknown (effectively 3rd Edition Chill) looks like it will be a really good game, if they can get the funding and the money to do so. To that end, savageplanet and the folks at OWC has launched the Fundraiser for Chill: Into the Unknown. You can read more about the fundraising effort and where to go to donate funds to the new version of the game, in savageplanet's blog entry on the subject, here, the Chill RPG Fundraiser.

I just want to say that while some don't like the approach that the folks from OWC are taking in this regard, I think that a 3rd Edition of Chill deserves to be published, so I would like to nudge a few more pledges of funds in this regard on the part of folks around here and all.

Just my $0.02 on the subject. :)
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