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Calmed Down

Went out after breakfast to clear my head, and just work off some of the feelings of annoyance and aggravation that I've been feeling this morning. The weather this morning is lovely, and I feel comfortable and all after working off some of that aggro, and just the sun and being surrounded by nature have made me feel a whole lot better about things, even if I'm still a bit irked about the whole thing.

I'm planning to do up a vegetable stir fry this evening, so need to go out and buy a bit of fresh produce and the like, and should probably pick up some milk while I'm at it. May put some chicken or beef strips in with the veggies tonight, haven't decided as yet. Got a few other chores to do around the house as well, like some laundry and mopping the kitchen floor, and doing some vacuuming (after last night's rpg session, which I'll post about when I get a bit more time), but I'm going to make some time and go out for a walk or three and generally get a bit of sun today.

Anyway, breakfast dishes need cleaning, so that's on my agenda right now.

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