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Of Bones and Feet

A somewhat dim and grey day here in the nation's capital, with a forecast for a relatively warm day (compared to the last few). Hopefully not too much rain in the forecast today, since I really want to take a quick walk outside during my lunch hour (if I actually get one).

Insofar as yesterday was concerned, a bit of healthy eating for the day, and some decent exercise on the old elliptical machine at home, after I had somewhat recovered from the tests and the like, followed by a bit of sleep in the early afternoon, had me feeling somewhat better.

The bone density test went well, and I didn't have any problems with that. The appointment at the foot doctor was another matter. The doctor told me that the big toe on my left foot is starting to show the signs of the bone spur that I experienced on the same toe of the right foot (and which I had surgery on back in 2004), and the fact that that the toe shows a tendency towards an ingrown toenail on the inward side of the toe (same as the other foot) would seem to indicate I'm going to need the surgery on this toe as well sometime in the near future. Other than that, the foot specialist was pretty happy with the condition of my feet altogether, but told me that the diabetic neuropathy in my toes has progressed "infinitesimally".

Anyway, that's the report from my body for the moment. In the meantime, back to a bit of work here at the office.

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