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Continuing Tales of The City

I've got a bit of time this evening, and have been remiss in my ongoing report of the Friday night gaming sessions. So I figured I would post here about the events of the a|state game from last Friday.

On an interesting note, I've received a couple of comments about why I don't go into the games that I run on Sunday afternoons. The reason for this is quite simple - the folks who game with me on Friday nights do not have blogs of any kind, whereas three of the Sunday folks - spross, oni_neko, and hub_ - have blogs. I figure that one of the three of them would post a little bit about the gaming stuff from Sundays.

Anyway, on to the report of the a|state game from Friday, May 29th. For those in need of a recap of the previous session, see the link.previous session, see the link.

Cyndra Jesspian (KathyB) and Little Genny (Ellie) were able to track down the antiquities hunter, Alonzo Frestin, and learned that he was actually Hedry's father. The girl had decided that she wanted to stay with her father for a while, and when the mother said no, she ran away to be with him. Frestin tells them that the doll that Cyndra had bought for her in Brightlights is actually a rarity, and has something to do with one of the macrocorps. He agreed that Hedry would give Genny back the doll when he was finished his investigations, but before he could tell them more, they were attacked by what appeared to be street thugs.

Back at Emma Wolfield's School for Young Girls, Thomas Thackery (SteveB) continued to look into the mysterious Davinia's past, and found out a few things about her. He went to see someone named Haversham in Folly Hills, but could learn very little about Haversham, other than the fact he was a low-level stringer (reporter). When he confronted Haversham about what was going on, Haversham denied knowing Davinia or anything about her, but Thackery was sure the man was lying to him.

Meanwhile, Hedriana Locke (Joanne) and Edward Fleckright (Nick) were recovering from their wounds in the Mire End shanty house run by Hethmanga, the streethealer. The streethealer was also treating one of the Cutters, the gang that had attacked Locke and Fleckright, and the two were outraged. However, they were able to chat with the delirious street kid, Mangua, and learned that they had been attacked by the Cutters because they were hired to "interfere" with the player characters. Mangua turned out to be the sister of Jackson, the young lad who had helped the injured duo get to Hethmanga's, and she told them what she knew at the behest of her brother, who remained with her during the entire process.

Jason Demonoris (Tom) continued looking into the matter of the film cannister. He eventually got a lead that led him to the reporter who had written the story at the Folly Hills Tribune, Jayke Trine. Turns out that Trine *had* worked for Sideband Media, but the corporate had gotten rid of him when his investigations into Folly Hills' history had turned up some odd bits. At the broken down pub they were talking in, the place was attacked by a small band of Media Break, the macrocorps' security division. All hell broke loose there.

Suffice it to say, the scenario is going rather well and some of the plot elements are coming into focus for the players. Between the attack by the street thugs on poor Cyndra, Little Genny, and their new ally and the appearance of Media Break to deal with Jayke Trine and Jason Demonoris, things are heating up nicely for the characters, and the players pointedly said that they're seriously wondering what they've gotten themselves into between the doll from Brightlights, the missing woman and her connection to a macrocorp, and the business with the "History of Folly Hills" and Sideband Media. Joanne said that she is still loving the game, and has been eager to learn more secrets of her neck of The City, and that she sees the potential still to come with the game system.

The Friday night gamers were feeling pretty bushed from a long week at work, and frankly so was I. We declined this week to play a board game or watch a film noir, but everyone agreed the session was pretty intense and draining. In any event, looking forward to Friday's game, for certes! :)
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