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Gaming, and a TV Episode or Two

Despite the fact that I was somewhat...exhausted...last night from the previous night's rigamarole, the folks in the Friday night game group convinced me to run the game, as usual. So, Friday night's current game of a|state RPG continued last night, and the players told me they had an interesting time of it. So, here's the report on last night's game. This report on the game session is quite lengthy; it's amazing what transferring the actual game entry that one wrote the night before on computer to the blog can do, especially in terms of simplifying the process. :)

For those in need of a recap of the previous session, see the link.

In the aftermath of the attack by the street thugs on Cyndra Jesspian (Kathy) and Little Genny (Ellie), the presence of antiquities hunter Alonzo Frestin helped turn the tide. Hedry was almost injured in the attack when she stumbled in fear into the fray, but the two player characters and Frestin were able to save the day. Little Genny was, remarkably, able to hold her own against one of the thugs. Questioning the lone surviving street thug, they learned that he had been hired by someone representing Arclight (they knew the symbol on the man's jacket from the description), and this put the fear of god into Cyndra, who thought they were hired to retrieve her, but she realized that if they had known where she was, the macrocorps would have come after her themselves. She had little to fear, as the thug told her they were hired to retrieve the doll in the possession of Hedry. Cyndra and Frestin agreed that Hedry (and the doll) wasn't safe with him, so Frestin reluctantly agreed to let Cyndra take the girl with him and Genny to a friend she knew.

Meanwhile, at a loss on where to go looking for more information on Davinia Hartelburke's disappearance, Thomas Thackery (SteveB) decided to find out from people who knew him what he could about Haversham, the stringer. The word on the street wasn't good. Haversham had apparently been working on a story about the Crypt recently, but had been running into stone walls in terms of what he could learn, and he'd made some of his street contacts nervous about some of the questions he'd been asking. Thom did learn that Haversham had been seen with a girl who's appearance matched that of Davinia on a couple of occasions, but couldn't get any more detail than that. No one knew how the two knew each other, either. He couldn't find out any information about "the Crypt", other than a few hints and innuendos, and even then it was more rumour and the like. So he decided to head back to talk to Hartelburke, and see if he could shed some more light on things.

After being deemed fit enough to leave Hethmanga's streehealer shanty, Hedriana Locke (Joanne) and Edward Fleckright (Nick) took their leave of the eccentric streethealer, but Jackson told them that he knew someone they could talk to about things. They followed Jackson to a small dive near the canal, called Hense's, a run-down place that made the shanty look good. Over some food (dogburgers and suspicious looking wedges of tuber, washed down with Pantiol Red), Jackson told them that he'd overheard their conversation and that he thinks that they could benefit from talking with a fella named Black Jake over in the Rookery. Hedriana said that she knew the place, a dangerous place lying in the shadow of Konkret (home base of Trilhoeven) full of gangs of various types. She'd been there for a few of her courier runs, and there were a couple of gangs there that she'd made enemies in. It wouldn't be easy, especially with some of the Grauschjager teams that patrol the area.

In the aftermath of the attack at the broken down pub by Sideband Media's security arm, Jason Demonoris (Tom) and stringer Jayke Trine were able to escape in the confusion and the aftermath of the resistance encountered by the Media Break personnel. Trine told Jason that they were after him, but the latter wasn't so sure. They holed up together for a bit in one of the ruined structures that dot parts of Folly Hills, and Trine told Jason the gist of what he knew. The conspiracy of the whole cannister of film appeared to centre on several parts of the footage on one of the reels (there was more than one cannister, it turned out) that had something to do with two of the statues that give Folly Hills its name. Trine had been taken off the project when someone at Sideband decided that the information should not go public. Trine tells Jason that he had concealed some information on the story that he had written (after the cannisters of film disappeared) at the offices of the Folly Hills Tribune. The two decide they are going to try and break into the offices that night. They head back for Jason's flop.

Suffice it to say that the game session got a bit more intense after that.

Cyndra takes Frestin and Hedry to see her "friend", Jason Demonoris. He turns out not to be at his place at the moment, and she pondered what to do next. She finally decides to go and find Shandra the Golden, the flowghost contact she has, and tells Frestin and Hedry to stay in one of the tenement rooms on the floor of the building where Jason lives, while she goes out. After making several inquiries, she finally learns where Shandra can be found these days - at the Caverna Informatika over in Fogwarren, an "information brokerage" place. She heads back to find Frestin and Hedry. They decide that they can't leave Hedry and Genny behind, and so despite the dangers, the five of them start the trip over to Fogwarren and the Caverna, and head down to the canal.

Thomas Thackery pays a visit to the Hartelburke residence over on the rich side of Folly Hills. After waiting for over an hour, he finally meets up with Harold Hartelburke, the family patriarch. When the subject of the stringer Haversham comes up, Hartelburke tells him that Haversham had done a story on Davinia some time ago, something about her being adopted into the Hartelburke family and the story dealt with orphans and the like being able to make a better life for themselves through being adopted into wealthy (or relatively wealthy) families. Hartelburke says he never thought that Haversham was anything other than what he appeared to be. When he asks where Davinia was found, Hartelburke is unsure what he means, but says that the records at Emma Wolfield's School for Young Girls would have that kind of thing in its records. Thackery decides he's had enough for today, and heads back to his residence on Messiah Lane.

Hedriana Locke and Edward Fleckright decide that they can't go to the Rookery without a bit of muscle. They decide to search out a few of their friends, but can only find Jason Demonoris at his flop. He tells them something of the job that he's working on at the moment, but agrees to come and help them out on their little job at the Rookery, and has Jayke Trine stay at his flop for safety. When the subject of Black Jake comes up, Trine says that he's heard the legends about the man, and that it's worth his going with them for the possible story he could get. Against their objections, Trine decides to accompany them. The characters get ready to make the trip, but decide that it's better if they leave in the morning hours. Hedriana and Edward agree to go with Jason and Trine to break into the local newspaper offices. Jason agrees, as their skills could prove to be useful.

Cyndra and company arrive in Fogwarren after taking a canal ride with an old contact of hers, Jed Fisk, one of the boatmen and mudlarks who plies the canals between Folly Hills and Fogwarren. Following the information given to her, the five head for the Caverna, but run afoul of a Transit Militia patrol in the area, barely managing to escape into the sewers in the area. They ponder their next move. After waiting for about twenty minutes, Little Genny pokes her head out and stealthily sneaks out and looks around; she comes back, and tells Cyndra that the "bad men" have gone. They head out, and following directions, have no trouble finding the Caverna Informatika. Gaining access to the place, that's another matter, when you've got a couple of little girls with you! :)

Jason, Hedriana, Edward, and Jayke Trine go to the offices of the Folly Hills Tribune late that night. The place is alive with lights, people, and business, as the night shift sweats to put out the morning paper. It's decided that Edward and Jayke will sneak into the paper's offices, find the file stores, and get the stuff they're looking for. Hedriana is peeved that she can't go with them, but understands why, so she and Jason will wait for them in a nearby alley. Using his stringer know-how and personality, Jayke is able to get Jason and himself into the offices. They make their way down to the storage files, but find that the place is a shambles and there's way too much material stored there for them to search for the information alone, especially since they can't be sure where it will be stored. When they return out to the alley and tell their tale, Edward and Jason both suggest that a flowghost might come in useful to troll the Dataflow for the information and see if they can retrieve it that way, although Hedriana points out this could take some time. The quartet returns without mishap to Jason's flop.

And that was the game session. The players told me they had a really good time, and that it is was good to see some of the plots coming to fruition, even if SteveB and Nick are somewhat confused about how several of the threads are going to mesh together, if they are at all. Joanne joked that it's really neat getting to see different parts of The City (at least relatively local), but is worried about the whole Rookery thing and Black Jake. They all said that none of them trusts Jayke Trine, and they're still not sure about Alonzo Frestin, although Kathy thinks he's on the up and up, moreso than their own Jason Demonoris (and they've been kidding him about his last name all the way through the campaign so far)!

After the game session, I guess I had found my second wind, as I agreed that it would be good to watch a film noir again. However, the group declined and said that they would rather watch an episode or two of Primeval, so I was amenable to that. Turns out SteveB had been reading my blogs about the tv series, and was curious to see what it was like (did I mention these folks rarely watch a lot of tv, preferring to rent videos and DVDs and the like?), and the others were curious about the series as well, so we watched the first two episodes of Series One on DVD. The girls both agreed that Douglas Henshall (Nick Cutter) is hot, but that Stephen Harper (James Murray) is hotter! The group liked the premise of the series, with the Anomalies, and were intrigued about some of the mysteries that the first two episodes opens up. So, it looks like we'll be watching some more of the DVDs in future weeks. That, and probably some noir films, too, given the shortness of those features.

Overall, a good game session, and to be honest, I was so tired that I slept like a baby afterwards. :)


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