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End of the Day, Feeling Better

Home from work.

Crashed for a couple of hours.

Got up, had a cup of tea and a snack of cheese and some green pepper. Watched Series One, Episodes 1 and 2 of Primeval. That was fun, and took my cares away for the day and all that. Am just about to go up and make some supper for tonight. Got a steak defrosting, with some sweet potato wedges, and a salad with some green beans.

Will probably do a bit of reading tonight, and get some work done on the HEX: Tales of the Hollow Earth PBeM game that I'm running. Might even have a bit of yogurt with my dessert tonight.

If nothing else, I feel a bit more chipper than I did earlier in the day.
Tags: hollow earth expedition, home, pbp, personal, primeval, rpg

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