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Day of Blood (Tests, That Is)

Just got into the office this morning.

I woke up around 6:30 am, and took a decently long, hot shower. Just what I needed to perk up for what promises to be a long day. Headed out to the DynaCare clinic at Bank and Kilborn, and went to have my blood tests.

Got to the clinic around 7:15 am, and there were still about six people in front of me in line. Since the clinic opens at 7:30 am, that was fine. I figured that I would be out of there by 8:00 am or so. By the time I went in at 7:40 am to have my blood tests done, the place was Standing Room Only (and it can easily accommodate 40 or so people), and I was rather glad that I had gone out so early. I have to remember in future to go for the blood tests on Monday or Tuesday mornings, when the turnout at the clinic is slightly less than this. Lovely technician Mary took five vials of my blood, and my arm is doing fine. Just the pinprick hole to remind me that I had blood tests today. :)

After leaving the clinic, went to the Denny's down at South Keys, and had breakfast as by that time I was ravenous. Two eggs, omlette-ed, two pancakes with sugar free syrup, and all washed down with decaf coffee. Lovely breakfast, lovely morning. Sun was finally peeking out of the clouds as I left, and the temperature was a cool, 150C, nice and comfortable.

So, here I am at work with a hot cup of herbal tea. And a pile of paper on my desk.
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