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Sad State on Monday Morning

Did not sleep well last night.

Between my allergies, the mugginess of the night, and just feeling out of sorts after yesterday's gaming session, I tossed and turned most of the night, woke up several times, and just feel generally "blah!" this morning.

Work is all right this morning, and the stack of paper on my desk is relatively light. With luck, this will give me a chance today to do a bit more preparation on the HEX: Tales of the Hollow Earth PBeM game, which will be starting play some time this week, and getting the write-up done for folks on Friday evening's a|state gaming session.

Like I said, just feeling out of sorts. Blech!

Gonna have a mug of herbal tea now.
Tags: allergies, a|state rpg, gaming hut, health hut, hollow earth expedition, personal, rpg hut

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