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A Tale of Fibre 1

Safely ensconced at work.

This morning, I tried a bowl of the brand new (well, new for me at any rate) Fibre 1 cereals, specifically the one with raisins. I figured the one with honey in it would be way too sweet and have too much sugar for my poor diabetic body to take in. (Based on comparing the labels, this is true.)

The results are not good. My blood glucometer reading started this morning at 9.4. Half an hour after taking in the cereal and breakfast, my sugar level is 16.5. This is very bad. Checked again after an hour, and the reading is down to 15.6, so it is going down, but that's a pretty high spike for such a "healthy" cereal. The regular Fibre 1 stuff only ever raised me to a maximum of 13.4. I guess I'll be giving this cereal a pass from now on, or maybe sprinkle a bit of it on my regular Fibre 1 or some such.

And here I was so looking forward to getting away from the rabbit pellet look of regular Fibre 1. Damn! :(

Anyway, back to work, and I need a glass of water right now.

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