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HEX Goodness for Free RPG Day

*sigh* I forgot to mention something here on the blog.

This Saturday, June 20th, is Free RPG Day once again. This means that a variety of different stores and shoppes, from hobby shoppes, places that specialize in RPGs and board games, and even some comic shoppes, will be giving away a bunch of free RPG products specially done up for the day.

I will be running some Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) demos and games at The Comic Book Shoppe at 1400 Clyde Avenue in Nepean, Ontario this weekend starting around 12 noon. The store can also be reached at its phone number (which I won't post here, but you can find it on the website).

I'll be running the HEX scenario "Kidnapped in the Hollow Earth", written by our very own obnoxiad and supersech for this year's Free RPG Day, and will also possibly run an off-the-top-of-my-head small series of encounters for the game as well to promote and demo the game.

I really hope to see some of you there on Saturday!

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