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I've Got the Blues...

...well, not literally, but...

Went to the Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest last night to catch some of the artists with a couple of friends, and had a terrific time.

The Ottawa Jazz Festival was the weekend before, and while they had a good batch of performers, I prefer the blues. Maybe it's the style of the music, maybe it's the musicians that are brought in to Ottawa, but the shows put on at Bluesfest are pretty good, and seem to appeal to me more. The Ottawa Bluesfest is the second largest event, only the one in Chicago being larger, and has been going on for 13+ years. Last year was somewhat of a disappointment, as the organisers tried to attract some new young blood to attend with some questionable artists for a blues festival, but things this year seem to be in good form and the festival seems to be reinvigorated and has gone back to its roots.

The highlight of the night for me was Bonnie Raitt, who put on a brilliant show last night. There were a whole bunch of other artists performing at the various venues around Ottawa last night, including Matt Costa, James Collett and Feist (whose show I couldn't see 'cause I wanted to see BR), but the Bonnie show was the one for me.

The lineup for the 2006 Bluesfest is incredible, as you can see by checking out the schedule at the link above, and it goes on for a whole two weeks. For those who want to see a superb set of blues performances, this is *the* place to be.

Really looking forward to going back this evening, as Sue Foley and Ani DiFranco are scheduled to perform on the main stage. Gonna be in blues heaven for the next couple of weeks... or should that be, in a truly blue place...? :)
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