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A Friday Night of Board Gaming

Friday night, the players decided to give me a break from running, since they knew that I had had a rough week at work, Kathy also pointing out that I looked somewhat tired. The fact of the matter was that the real reason they didn't want to do an rpg was because Nick was absent due to a family obligation. The gaming group decided to play some boardgames.

The gaming group decided that the first game we would play would be a game of The Princes of Machu Picchu, since Ellie had liked it so much. Tom decided to sit this one out so that I could play in the game this time around. The game started out all right, and things went to heck in a handbasket for some reason that it seems only Ellie could figure out. Needless to say, the Spanish won the game. :( Ellie has the habit of trying to win the game with the most gold and that's fine (she's barely 11 years old, remember), but to all intents and purposes, she's the one who tends to be the villain of the piece, and betrays us to the Spanish. The final score in the game was as follows:

              Victory     Gold    Multiplier    Final
               Points                           Score
JohnK           24         14         1          24  
SteveB          19         12         1          19
Kathy           2          15         1          20          
Joanne          21         17         2          42 
Ellie           22         18         3          66

Following the game of The Princes of Machu Picchu, the gang decided to try their hand at several games of Ticket To Ride. The group decided first to try their hand at a five-player game of the original Ticket To Ride. I sat this game out, and watched the other five go at it hammer and tongs, fighting over the El Paso and Phoenix areas. And there was a pretty good brouhaha over the Sault Ste. Marie and New York to Chicago slots as well. Final score was SteveB 118, Kathy 89, Tom 68, Joanne 82, and Ellie 122. The girl made a terrific showing in that one, and a fine time was had by all. After that game, Ellie went to sleep, and the rest of us continued to play.

We played another game of the original Ticket To Ride, and this time I was able to get into the game. I managed to the two Duluth routes (to El Paso and Houston, respectively), but got blocked out of New York, Atlanta, and New Orleans. The others engaged in somewhat of a dogfight with routes into either Calgary, Helena, or Phoenix. (Was really glad I didn't have to fight over that, although I thought I might not be able to get to El Paso at one point, but managed it with only a couple of moves to spare. Final score this time out was JohnK 96 SteveB 101, Kathy 82, Tom 94, and Joanne 95. SteveB won the game, but not by too much, and there was far more blocking than I've seen in a while.

After that game, we switched over to Ticket To Ride: Europe, a game in the line that I consider to be one of the real challenging ones. I started off well, taking three of the lesser tickets and avoiding the long route, since with five players the opportunity for having one's long routes is much higher. Managed to connect two of the three routes, Athina-Wilno and Budapest-Sofia, but got blocked on the Brest-Marseille route, and never recovered after that. The others seemed to do pretty well on their routes, but to be honest, I made a couple of mistakes, and that cost me a couple of routes and several points. The final score in that game was JohnK 92, SteveB 131, Kathy 100, Tom 111, and Joanne 103. Ah, well...I never to well at the TTR: Europe one for some reason.

Had a pretty good night of gaming, and we broke up early for only the second time in several sessions. So I managed to get to sleep relatively early, which was a good thing since I had to get up early today.


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