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The Monster That Didn't Roar

The Guardian newspaper and on-line have just posted up an article by Stephen Armstrong on the costs of producing televisions shows in the UK, and some of the possible reasons for the cancellation of ITV's Primeval and (on Friday) Demons. The article can be found here...

The Monster That Didn't Roar

I found the article quite informative on some of the costs of television show, and the article pretty strongly suggests that lack of DVD sales on Primeval may have helped to kill it. I guess 5 million people watching the show on the tube didn't translate into as many DVD sales as ITV would have liked. Unlike with Doctor Who. And one has to wonder about sales of the Primeval DVDs in North America, where the series is said by many to be quite popular.


Sometimes I think that I should give up watching television, as so many of the shows that I like get cancelled.

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