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Weather and Doctors

On the weather front, the heat and humidity here in the Ottawa area continues today. 300C expected, with pretty high humidity. I am not comfortable in this weather. I may have been born in July, but I hate the heat and am most comfortable in Spring and Fall.

In other news, had my appointment to check out the right wrist with the specialist yesterday afternoon, and the news is not good. The preliminary exam he gave me suggests that I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, but he wants the MRI done sooner than it is scheduled, and is going to talk to my family doctor about this, to rule out other stuff. The MRI is set for the beginning of August, so...

Today is the Diabetes Clinic appointment with the doctor. This will not be a good visit, given my latest set of blood tests.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I hate the heat?

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