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Michael Jackson vs. Farrah Fawcett Coverage

I get up this morning, start making breakfast, and then claim the morning edition of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper from the porch (and it's already hot outside, too!), and then I see the front page of the paper!!

Michael Jackson's death coverage gets most of the front page, while Farrah Fawcett gets the right-hand column. Michael's story continues on the full page on A5, whereas Farrah's story continues on page A12 (!!) and gets about two-thirds of the page. Having checked a couple of the other major newspapers at a local newsstand, I am disappointed that most of these newspapers have followed suit.

For all her faults, Farrah Fawcett was a much better person than Michael Jackson, and her life leading up to her death was much more inspiring and all, but the glitter and the glam of Michael Jackson wins out. Part of this stems from the mysterious circumstances surrounding Jackson's death, whereas with Farrah Fawcett we know that it was "only" cancer that killed her.

I am saddened and annoyed by the priorities of newspapers surrounding the deaths of these two celebrities, and really think that Michael Jackson's death has overshadowed Farrah Fawcett's heroic struggle, her seeming calmness in the face of it all, and the impact and fallout from her death on her family, her fans, and woman in general.

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