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NHL Free Agent Frenzy Day Thought

Well, so far it has not been a Happy NHL Free Agent Frenzy Day here in Ottawa.

Dany Heatley vetoed the trade to Edmonton last night, and so Ottawa is stuck waiting to see what happens with that. Plenty of Edmonton calls to Heatley to try and convince him to accept the trade, but still have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Ottawa's woes continue with the toughening up of the Leafs under Brian Burke, and the moves the Montreal Canadiens have made. I don't think Ottawa can do anything else until Heatley is dealt, and that seems unlikely now, unless something changes before midnight tonight. Of course, if he really doesn't want to play in Ottawa, he may have to take the deal to Edmonton. Just a bastard of a player, putting the team in this position. :<

By the time this day is over, I expect that Ottawa will be the only one not to have swung a deal of some sort or been unable to jump into the free agent market. And I figure that Chris Neil will land elsewhere. :(

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