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Birthday Weekend, Report 2

Here's the second report on the long, birthday weekend.

Woke up Saturday feeling a bit...hazy. Probably lack of sleep, as I didn't sleep soundly on the Friday night and into the morning hours. Felt a bit down, since the birthday was over with, but cheered up at the thought of seeing Kathy and SteveB for supper that night. Thought of having croissant and all that stuff, but I had had the cake the night before, and I was going to have more cake before the weekend was through, so I figured I would be rather careful. Make a nice mushroom and onion omelette with a couple of Omega-3 eggs, and had two pieces of back bacon with it for breakfast, washed down with decaf coffee.

Did a bit of stuff in the morning, went out for a walk, that sort of thing. spross came over in the early afternoon, and we chatted and talked about a few things. Went over to the Business Depot, and I did some photocopying of Fading Suns character sheets and a few other things, and then went back to the house. My mother came by while spross was still there, and dropped off a few things, including the blackforest cake that I had ordered two weeks before. It was the wrong cake! It was blackforest all right, but it was a 10.5-inch cake, and it was rectangular! At least it had the "Happy Birthday JMK" on it that mom insisted on.

spross took off for home, and mom and I had a piece of cake each with tea before she headed home a couple of hours later. (spross was getting his share of cake on Sunday, but that's another report!) Kathy, SteveB, and Ellie showed up about 7:15 to pick me up, as we were going out to dinner. They wouldn't tell me where, just grinned knowingly at each other, but that was fine with me. Surprises are fine, but they get me nervous and twitchy after awhile. Ellie had to see the birthday cake, and she was amazed at the size, but her mother told her that she would only get one slice, and that would be next Friday. I changed into some more acceptable restaurant clothes, and headed out for supper, SteveB driving their Jeep and Ellie coming with me and following in my Chrysler Sebring. It was a pleasant drive, and I liked spending a bit more time with my goddaughter.

I ended up following them down to the Keg restaurant, located down on Hunt Club. SteveB told me that he'd made the reservation about three weeks ago, as they had planned to take me to dinner. Kathy reassured me that there was no "forced female companionship" coming - it was just the four of us. I had a terrific dinner of some quesadillas, a side salad, 8 oz. steak, and baked potato with a side of veggies. Lovely food. From the Keg, we went back to my place around 9:45 pm. Ellie lay down for a bit, and the three of us sat back in the living room and chatted for a bit, with the stereo on low playing some Mike Oldfield. We had some tea and some biscuits that Kathy had brought with her, and then about 11:00 pm, they snatched up Ellie and headed for home.

I was feeling pretty tired myself by that time, and headed down for bed and an early night. Read a little bit, don't remember what, but it might have been a couple of chapters of Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job, and then I crashed.

A pretty good long weekend to that point, for sure.

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