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Birthday Weekend, Report 3

And here's the report on the holiday Sunday.

Woke up in the morning, and felt pretty good about myself and about life. Had a nice breakfast of a plain omelette with cheese, and a couple of pieces of back bacon. Washed it down with some coffee, and while I was tempted to add some Bailey's Irish Cream to it, I resisted.

Went about doing some of the morning stuff that needed doing, and once that was finished, I got ready for lunch. Every time I opened the fridge, I desperately wanted to have another piece of blackforest cake, but somehow managed to exert my willpower in this regard. Had a lean hamburger on a whole wheat bun for lunch, with a cup of soup. And then it was time for the Sunday afternoon gaming group.

spross and oni_neko arrived first, and they were followed in relatively short order by Tammy. hub_ was the last to arrive, and then we got down to it.

spross had said that he would run Desolation and give me a break for a bit, as a sort of birthday present, and he was good to his word. Tammy, oni_neko, hub_ and I created characters for spross's game, and I was pretty happy with the character that I created. My character, Tesro Haldane, is a human craftsman (woodworker) who in the aftermath of the Night of Fire has taken to searching old ruins for stuff that folks can use. I don't think of him as an adventurer, per se, but I can see him evolving into one of the truly heroic types if necessary, and depending on where spross sees the game going. We finished off character creation, and then spross took us through some samples of combat, before we ended the session.

About 3:20 pm or so, we took a break and I cut the blackforest cake and we all had a bit of Bailey's Irish Cream, other than Tammy. When I tasted the cake, it was even better than it had been the night before, and I just savoured that lovely stuff going down my throat. oni_neko and hub_ both had a second slice, and there was still quite a bit of cake to spare. I gave Tammy a couple of slices to take home with her for herself and her mom, and spross got a slice or two to take home with him for his mom as well. The rest of the cake, about five slices or so, is now frozen (minus the piece that I had promised for Ellie), but boy, was that a good cake!

After gaming ended for the day, hub_ left for home and his other, Sunday evening gaming committment, while Tammy, spross, oni_neko, and I headed out about 7:15 pm to the local Kelsey's restaurant to eat dinner. Neither Tammy nor I were all that starving after the cake, so we didn't eat that much. I had some onion soup, and Tammy and I split an order of chicken fajitas. She also ordered a bruschetta, and I had a couple of pieces of that. spross and oni_neko had spaghetti and fish respectively, and neither of them finished off their meals. Large servings at Kelsey's! Good food. And the company was pretty good that night, too.

We finished up there about 9:30 pm or so, and split up to head home, spross giving oni_neko a lift home. Once I got home, I had to deal with a sink full of dishes from the afternoon, but that was all right. After the dishes, I took a twenty-minute walk outside, trying to burn off some of the calories from the day, but I was still feeling pretty full from supper when I got back home from that.

Needless to say, I felt pretty lethargic from all the sugar and the like during the three days of the weekend, and so was glad that I took Monday off from work. Pretty good birthday weekend as these things go, and now, aside from work, I've got the Ottawa Bluesfest to look forward to from now until the 19th of July. Not gonna go see a whole lot of performances, but there are a few artists I'm looking forward to, including Amanda Rheaume, whom I'll be going to see at Bluesfest shortly.

Looking forward to the rest of the week, even if I am a bit tired and all.
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