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A Thursday Morning

Feeling somewhat tired this morning.

Went to the Ottawa Bluesfest last night to catch Amanda Rheaume and Jeff Beck (will blog about this later), and had a terrific time despite the rain.

As a result, I'm a bit dead on my feet, and there's a batch of work on my desk that needs getting to, but such is life. The weather looks like it's going to be somewhat warm today, and I think there's a chance of some rain today as well.

Lots of stuff to do when I get home today, as I need to do some work on my Desolation rpg game, both the scenario that I plan for next year's CanGames, and the campaign game that I want to get back to in the Fall. And there's also some laundry that I need to pick up from my mom's place. Don't ask; the dryer at home is broken, the belt that spins the stuff having died, so while I can do the laundry in the washing machine at home, I have to take it to my mom's place to do it in the condo laundry room. I'm waiting for a call from the service guys to tell me that the belt came in, but in the meantime, doing laundry is...awkward.

Back to the grind. And a cup of herbal tea.
Tags: desolation rpg, gaming hut, laundry, personal, work

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