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Exercise Madness

Like most folks I know, I made a New Year's resolution that I was going to exercise regularly this coming year. I am intent this year on taking the weight off that I put back on during 2006, and that means...exercise. One of the things that I really hate is exercise. Not the actual exercising, but the process leading up to it and the whole idea of going to a gym to do a workout or some such. While walking everyday is fine, it doesn't really seem to work for me long-term, as I don't really have this...desire to walk a lot. Sure, I do it for the fact that one has to walk from place to place, but with the neuropathy in my feet it can be difficult at times.

I don't like gyms, partially because of the hygiene and sanitary conditions I've seen at some of them, but moreso because of the impersonal treatment unless one is an "upper level" member and so forth. However, what I realised is that I needed to do something about exercising and all, and while I didn't want to go to the gym, a piece of exercise equipment made sense. So I did it. I didn't want a treadmill or some such, since with the diabetes the suggestion is that I do low impact workouts. And then I hit on it - an Elliptical. Ellipticals are wonderful since they give a full body workout, not just running, and one gets a very low impact workout since one keeps one's feet on the pedals. More to the point, one gets a good cardio workout in the process, and they're really easy to use.

I had promised myself that I was going to buy one when I got the chance, and now seemed like a good time with the various sales and the like going on. So without further ado, I present the adm for the unit that I bought below.

It's a gorgeous machine, and seems to be quite sturdy. Picked it up yesterday, with the help of my friend spross - couldn't have done this without him, since it weighed the proverbial ton, and needed a van or some really large vehicle to transport. He gave me a hand assembling the elliptical yesterday, and it took us about two to three hours. Definitely a two-man job.

So now I can exercise all I want in the comfort of my own home.

Oh, my muscles are aching just thinking about it! But at least I'm going to take this weight off, and get into a bit better shape. And who knows, maybe next winter I'll take up cross-country skiing or some such! :)
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