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A Night of the Blues

As mentioned, went out to the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest last night. While the rain seemed to be imminent a lot of the night, it didn't rain, but the sky was certainly menacing at times.

Started the evening off going out to dinner at Swiss Chalet with Kathy and SteveB. Dinner was pretty pedestrian, but I wasn't actually looking for anything fancy for dinner, so that was all right. Besides, I love baked potatoes and I don't eat them (let alone potatoes) all that often these days, so that was kind of nice.

Arriving at the LeBreton Flats site of Bluesfest, getting in was no problem and things were relatively quiet (as quiet as it can be at Bluesfest, that is!). Headed over to the Rogers stage, and it was pretty busy there already with seemingly quite a few folks waiting for the concert. Loreena McKennitt was due to take the stage around 8:00 pm, and she came on and did what she does so well. The concert was full of mystical, stylish lilting music, but it was a relatively quiet concert that suffered somewhat from the noise surrounding it. I think that it was the open-air setting that caused the problems, simply because when she performs in concert halls and the like, the sound is more channelled, more focused on the audience. That said, good music. (Note: The photo below is taken from the Ottawa Citizen Bluesfest photo gallery.)

I really enjoyed the performance, and even though the music was drowned out by other stuff at times, it was still a very good performance that gave me an even deeper appreciation for her music.

After the McKennitt show, we wandered over to the Bank of America stage, and caught the last part of the Brian Setzer Orchestra performance. I use the term "orchestra" loosely here, as by the time we got over to that stage, the orchestra had given way to a stripped down, trio format. The music was pretty good, even in that reduced format, and there were lots of people dancing to the sounds and the beat.

Pretty tired from the walking around and all, not to mention a bit of dancing!, we took off from the Bluesfest grounds around 11:00 pm, and went to a Harvey's restaurant for a bit of an evening snack. I got home just after midnight, and overall had a pretty good time of it.

Now, if we could just get Thea Gilmore to perform at the Bluesfest, it would be even better! :) Hmm, maybe next year... :)

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