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Friday Night Game Session Report

Had an excellent evening with the Friday night gaming group. Nick (Roberts) continued to run the Desolation scenario that he's got us in right now. For those who want to know about Nick's game, check out my previous session notes. Kathy's character, a female Rover, cozied up to the hermit we encountered, and we learned a little bit more about what might be going on, and the fact that the folks responsible for the attack on the caravan might be a Warband called Haggra's Reavers. We learned that the warband had a connection to the village, but not what, and the party decided that we would head after the Warband. Much against my objections, I might add!

We caught up to the warband party, a group of some 20 individuals, on the edge of the former Primea Mountains, and let's just say that things did not go as predicted. To start with, there were several Mongrels among them, something that gladdened my heart, but when it came right down to it, I didn't have a lot in common with these Mongrels. That, and the fear they had of my magic, given they had no Shaman among the warband, led to an interesting confrontation that was worsened by the presence of the former legionnaire being played by Tom. Things got alleviated somewhat when the party and the warbanders were attacked by huge wolves that fell upon us, and the warbanders joined us in the defense of both groups. Nick stopped the session last night just after the fight ended, and we were all licking our wounds (so to speak). :)

I'm having a terrific time playing in the game, and really enjoying getting to see Desolation from the player side of things. The experience has also made me really *see* the magic system from the pov of a player, and has given me even more appreciation for the Greymalkin Designs team's work on the magic system, and just how neat it really is. Nick told me afterwards that he's glad I'm helping him with some of the rules interpretation and the like, and that he's learning from me how both sides (the GM and the player side) of the game work.

After we finished the game for the night, the players all agreed that they wanted to watch a movie. Deciding that they wanted to get back into a film noir state of mind, they decided they wanted to re-watch the Fritz Lang The Woman in the Window, starring the superb Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett. Great movie. We broke up around 2:05, and the gang left, all of us looking forward to Nick's next session.

Even better was the fact that I managed to actually get a decent amount of sleep. Woke up in the middle of the night during the raging thunderstorm from the sounds of thunder and the rain crashing against the windows of my bedroom, but dropped off again, and slept in until 8:30 am this morning.


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