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Stressful Gaming Sunday

The weekend wasn't too bad, but Sunday was a bit of a stressed situation and a difficult day for me.

spross was supposed to run his game of Desolation, but things went awry. SteveR and I had talked about him running the game as a birthday present for me until the end of July back around the second to last weekend of June. He agreed to do so, but I knew that stuff wouldn't go as smooth as it could. See spross tends to procrastinate things, and doesn't do stuff in a timely fashion. Even during the week of character generation and last week's game session, he still didn't have a finger on things, didn't have a plot, and the setting was a bit of a mess.

So yesterday, spross arrives at my place, and we talk about some of the problems with the area for the game that he's set up, and it's obvious that he wasn't comfortable with the set-up that he had, and was feeling stressed out by not having started working on this stuff the last week of June in preparation for running the game. By the time Tammy and hub_ arrived at my place around 1:00 pm, the stress was showing even more so, and he was obviously frustrated about the mess with the batch of Warlanders that he had us encounter, so after some hemming and hawing for around half-an-hour, Tammy decided to let spross off the hook.

That left us deciding what to do for the afternoon. I told the three of them that if they wanted me to, I could start running the Desolation game that I was planning out myself, and so they wanted to do that. So we started in on character creation, since hub_ didn't have a Desolation character for my game yet, and I didn't want him to play the Elf elementalist that he had created for spross's game (at least not until we went through the game world background and basics). I did that, and so the players have their characters now. spross is playing a Verelanar hunter, Tammy is playing a Warlands Primalist, and hub_ is playing an Empire legionnaire. Good mix of characters for the most part, and we'll see what happens when the game starts.

We wrapped up the day with several samples of combat to get them into the feel of the game in that manner, and it went rather well. hub_'s legionnaire is quite impressive in his fighting abilities, and spross's hunter is a one-trick pony with the spear and all. Tammy's Primalist is pretty effective as well, when she puts her mind to it, so overall the mix of characters is going to be interesting, to say the least.

As I said, it was a bit stressful for me, as I wasn't really ready to run the game, and was thrown into it by pure happenstance and all. I would have been content playing some Ticket To Ride or some such for the afternoon, but democracy rules and all that, so I went with the majority. Still, I had a pretty good afternoon of it, when all was said and done. spross was relieved that he was off the hook, and just able to play a game again, and Tammy and hub_ were content with their characters, and seemed to enjoy themselves.

However, maybe I'll convince them all to play a game or three of Ticket To Ride next weekend, and give myself another week to prepare to run Desolation the first week of August. Fortunately, I got to relax last night over a dinner of stir fried veggies and some ragout with brown rice. Wrapped up the evening watching a bit of tv and then a DVD or so.
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