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A Fine Tuesday Afternoon

Have had a pretty good day today, other than a couple of things.

The day started off with a doctor's appointment at 9:30 am to look at my wrist. While I slept in (thank Goddess the alarm woke me at 8:30 am!), I made the appointment, and learned there is no good or bad news on that front. The wrist is still swollen, possibly moreso than before, and the MRI is still scheduled for the end of August. Now he thinks that it may be cracked.

After that, went home and wanted to go to lunch with spross, so we made plans to do that. I got a phone call right after speaking to him from the office, begging me to come in and check on a problem. Went to the office after leaving SteveR an e-mail that I wasn't going to make it, took care of the problem at work, and then stopped off at a couple of places.

Went to FutureShop and picked up the special edition DVDs of Watchmen and Coraline, the latter being a present for my goddaughter Ellie (and you better not be reading this, girl!) :) Then went in to CD Warehouse, and grabbed up the Royal Albert Hall performance of Chess on both CD and DVD. I also picked up one of the Mike Oldfield CDs that I had somehow missed, Music of the Spheres. Weird that one. They didn't have the new Deluxe version of Oldfield's Tubular Bells, but they told me they expected it in; so I asked for a copy to be reserved for me. Still no word unfortunately on the Thea Gilmore Recorded Delivery CD, however, sad to say.

Got home just as spross arrived, so I dropped stuff off than we went out to grab his copy of Watchmen and Coraline, and then went back to my place. We decided to kill a couple of hours, and played Ticket To Ride. We started off with a game of Ticket To Ride: Switzerland, and the game was a pretty solid affair, with lots of destination tickets in play. There wasn't a lot of conflict over destination routes and the like, and the game was pretty fair all told. Final score was JohnK 135, spross 122. After that game, switched over to Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries, which neither of us have ever played. I found this game to be a real challenge, but a lot of fun. SteveR blocked three of the five routes into Helskini, and when I tried to get into Kobenhavn, had all kinds of problems there. He tends to play a blocking game without really "playing" a blocking game (or so he says), and it's annoying at times. Final score: JohnK 100, spross 123.

After SteveR left, I sat down to a hot cup of tea, and a couple of biscuits, and am just about to go up and make a bit of supper. Got Big Brother to look forward to...

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