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New Bed in My Future

One of the reasons that I am not going to GenCon this year ::sob, sob::, and didn't go to Origins either for that matter, is because I have been saving money to the best of my abilities this year to buy a new bed.

I have had my King-size bed for a good number of years, and it is worn, creaking, the bed frame is falling apart and so forth. The bed has not seen all that many women in my life (and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that), but it is an old bed, and the frame was not the best of frames.

Anyway, Sleep Country here in Ottawa is having a very nice sale on bedroom stuff and all, and I spoke to a gentleman there on Saturday and we discussed a good deal on stuff. So, this afternoon, after work, I will be dropping by the Sleep Country store and will be purchasing a new bed for myself. Conventions be damned, I just want to sleep well and comfortably!

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