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Snow, Snow, Snow...

Today has been the day from hell. That is, on the day when hell freezes over.

Here we are, January 15th, a Monday, and there has not been any significant accumulation of snow this year to this point. Living in Ottawa as I do, one expects it to snow from about late October on, but so far this 2006 and into 2007, nothing has stuck, if you catch my drift (no pun intended). Well, at least until today...

Today, it decided to snow...snow like heck, and so far, it has dropped about 7 cms. (about 2 inches for those Americans reading this), and we're supposedly going to get some 10 cms (4 inches) in all. It started around 5:30 or so this morning, and made the roads treacherous by the time I left for work at 6:45. People don't know how to drive in snow during the first real snowstorm of the year, and with the visibility such as it was on the roads, with the wind whipping it around and all, it made it seem much worse.

I got off early today, and only made it back to the house about 20 minutes before I started writing this post, and it's much worse now. Not a fun drive home, and to be honest, I don't want to have to shovel snow off my car tomorrow morning. I'm sitting her drinking a nice warm cup of herbal tea, and have a heating pad temporarily on my feet to warm them up (I suffer from diabetic neuropathy, you know). It may not seem that way to the folks reading this, but...

Goddess, I am so glad winter is finally here! I was worried for a while there... and thank goodness I got a new pair of boots! :)
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