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Announcement: Game on August 15th at the Comic Book Shoppe

Another gloomy, grey day here in the Ottawa valley. More rain, and thunderstorms, on the way for the day. A muggy 250 C expected here today, and it's already pretty humid out there now.

In good news, I just got off the phone with the folks at The Comic Book Shoppe out on Clyde Avenue, and have arranged to run a demo rpg game on Saturday, August 15th. I don't know what it will be just yet, but it will either be Desolation or Hollow Earth Expedition. More information on the game and all within the next day or two.

I want to do this because, well, because that weekend is also part of the GenCon gaming convention in Indianapolis, and I will be missing that and all. Running the game the same weekend will give me a feeling of connectedness at some level, and to be honest, I've been needing to run a demo game of something for a while now. So I'm looking forward to running the game. Hoping that a few people actually show up to play in the game, since having players show up to play or find out more about the game is what it's all about. Besides, the Ubiquity engine that powers these two games is simple and easy to learn, and doesn't interfere with the roleplaying experience. So come out, and experience either Desolation, the post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, or Hollow Earth Expedition, the Pulp adventure rpg set in the 1930's.

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