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Friday Night's Run of a GenCon Scenario

Had an excellent game with the Friday night group last night.

I was able to run "The Lost Moon in the Deadly Skies" last night on the gaming group. This is one of the Hollow Earth Expedition scenarios for GenCon Indy 2009, part of a trilogy of loosely linked scenarios written by supersech for the game. I wanted to playtest this one, and to be honest, had a good deal of fun with this. I'm not going to talk about the plot of the scenario or spoil the scenario for those who might be playing this at GenCon, but it's a very cool scenario, very wonky in some ways, and I got to do a Brian Blessed interpretation of a character that came off well (or so the Friday night players told me).

Next Friday night, the gaming group will get back to their regularly scheduled game, Desolation, and I am rather looking forward to that. But in the meantime, it was terrific fun to get to run another of the HEX scenarios for GenCon, even if only on my gaming group here.
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