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Photocopies, Print Cartridges, and New Bedding, Oh My!

Had an interesting afternoon.

spross came by after work, as he wanted to drop off some more of the printed material he's done up for me of late. We then headed out over to Staples or Business Depot so I could do some photocopying of the character sheets for the demo that I'll be running for the demo of HEX at The Comic Book Shoppe on August 15th. I also made some inquiries about laminating some cards (more on that when I have time, if I remember!). Then took a stop over at FutureShop to pick up some ink cartridges. Since he's been doing a lot of printing for me of late, I bought spross some colour ink cartridges. Only fair. After stopping off at Carleton Cards to buy a birthday card for mom, spross dropped me off at home, and he headed out after we had some tea and relaxed for a bit.

Good thing I took the birthday card down to the den, because before SteveR left, mom showed up. She told me, after SteveR left, that we were going to go right away to Zellers (it was just after 5:00 pm by then) as they were having a sale on bedding. (As you may or may not remember, I have bought a new Queen-sized bed, and require a few sheet sets and the like for the bed.) It was pretty good there, with prices really slashed on a lot of bed stuff. Managed to pick up 2 mattress covers, and four sets of bed linens, including fitted sheets, and new pillow cases, for a pretty good price. Will augment these sets of sheets with more of them when I get a chance down the road, but for now, these will suffice. At some point, I will have to buy a new duvet or two as well, but that will be able to wait a bit longer. Good thing mom came over and told me about this, as it was well worth going over there.

So a pretty good day was had. And I've got bedding linens for the new bed, which will be delivered on August 6th. Yay! :)

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