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Sunday Game and Defying Gravity (New TV Series)

Should be an interesting day coming up.

Got the Sunday gaming group popping over today, and they're about to re-start the Desolation rpg campaign this afternoon. While oni_neko has left the gaming group (or maybe she'll be back at some point, I don't know), the three players - spross, Tammy, and hub_ - will be able to manage. I'll have to see if I need to throw a relatively permanent NPC into the mix once we start to play. Sometimes, three players is not enough depending on the skill mix, but like I said, only time will tell.

Tonight also sees the start of the new sf tv series from the producers of Grey's Anatomy, called Defying Gravity. A lot of folks are not giving the series much of a chance and all, but I'm reserving judgement until after I see the show. The basic premise looks to be interesting, to say the least; the Antares mission to last six years means, that if nothing else, perhaps the series has a six-year arc (if it survives that long). There's some decent actors in the cast, and from what I've heard, while it's being produced by the folks who did Grey's, it's not actually written on or worked on by them to any large degree. And I could have sworn that one of the folks who did Primeval, Tim Haines, is somewhere in the credits for the series. Oh, well, have to wait and see. Anyway, time to get ready to game.
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