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Snow Epilogue

Having just come into work this morning, I can now say for sure that I am snowblind today. Not to mention tired and pretty numb still.

Got up this morning to a very bright, very sunny, quite crisp day with lovely white snow everywhere. We got about 10 cms of snow yesterday, as predicted (for once!), so had to brush the car off from the remainder that had settled when I got home from the hospital. I called the hospital, and learned that Kathy and her eldest had stayed all night, while another good friend took the baby for the rest of the night. SteveB had a comfortable night, and she surprised me by how calm she was about the whole matter. I agreed to take Ellie, my goddaughter, for a couple of days.

Drove to work. Snowblindness.

Lovely day. Except for what happened last night.

Going to have a cup of chai tea now. That and close my eyes for ten minutes.
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